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Thread: Hello from Massachusetts

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    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hello all. Just bought my first Jeep today. 2014 jku, anvil, 62k miles. Previous owner had done some modifications. I am looking forward to making it my own.

    I have been submerged in the Jeep world online absorbing info for a few weeks. Super excited to be a part of this family.

    I don’t see myself getting too technical but I do want a Jeep that has style and functionality. It won’t be my daily driver but I will be taking it up to Maine(about 3-4hr Drive) a few times a year so it’ll need to love on road almost as much as off.

    I got a lot to learn. Fortunately I work with a mechanic and we have a garage. So I will be starting by getting under the Jeep and cleaning it up. Sand/paint any areas in need underneath. Try and figure out any other mods that previous owner may have done. I think it’s lifted 2”. I think the shocks have been upgraded. Definitely the head lights. I notice there’s a small amp looking thing between grill and radiator. I assume it’s for the headlights. When headlights are on I think it interferes with the radio reception. Kinda crazy. It’s actually even worse interference than plugging in an iPhone to charge.

    Thoughts on my future build:
    - I want a color match fastback for winter months. I have read up on this and am a little weary but I really love the look though. Currently researching camperking. One piece, colormatch painted and shipped for around $2,600. Not a lot reviews out there.
    - I like the looks of the aluminum armor/bumpers with the anvil color. Any suggestions on brands for the raw aluminum look? Genrights build is what caught my eye.
    - 17” wheels, 35” tires. Save the “stock” for winter?
    - upgrade exhaust, prob axle back.
    - .... tbd =)

    Sorry if my opening post is bit more than a Jeep wave. I am just so damn excited to own a Jeep.

    Open to any and all feedback and constructive criticism.

    I don’t know anything about Jeeps but I do know food and landscaping. Any questions there, fire away!
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    Awesome...your gonna love having a Jeep.

    And there’s a guy here that loves sideways pics...keep them coming...

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    Welcome from SoCal

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    Welcome to WAL

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    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana!

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    Welcome from Alabama

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    Welcome from NY

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    Welcome fellow Jeeper, From West Texas!

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    Welcome from Detroit

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    Welcome from Indiana!

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