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Thread: Roof Racks/tents/overland

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    Front runner roof rack. Company is from South Africa and has been around for a while. It does require drilling some holes into your hard top, but it is what it is. Even after drilling the holes, mine is water tight. Other than drilling the holes in your hard top, everything else bolts into factory locations. You can run the rack with or without the hard top. You can also remove the freedom panels easily. I sleep my wife, 5 year old son, myself and 2 smaller dogs up top without any issues. If you use the old google machine you can watch some videos of the rack in action.

    One thing about having the Roof top tent is, other than the weight of it, is once you have set up camp, it is a pain in the ass to have to pack your jeep up to go wheel. (If your using it to base camp). All in all, once you have the hang of set-up and tear down, it doesnít take too long and too is what it is. My RTT is an older camping labs. If you do not already have one, I recommend doing your research on those as there are a ton of companies out now days and you do get what you pay for and the cost/weights vary from tent to tent.
    Iím liking that teardrop...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brute View Post
    Iím liking that teardrop...
    Thank you Sir! Itís an Adventure Trailers Teardrop. Itís real nice! Bought it when my son was smaller so now sleeping quarters are getting a bit cramped. Kinda on the fence about either selling it and getting a tent trailer for my gear and a RTT or just getting a smaller RTT for the top of the Teardrop. I do like it tho and is built to last. I know youíve been contemplating one and I would definitely recommend it! Too bad they arenít making them any more . They pop up on the market from time to time.

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    I went with the Teraflex Nebo with the slat kit. I found it pretty expensive (around $1500 total)and it wasnít fun to install(over 8 hours and very meticulous). But overall, I love it. It looks great and is way overrated for my needs. 875 static, 250 road and 150 off-road. Love the TNut set up. Very versatile and if I remove the roof, the rack goes with it. I see no purpose removing a roof only to have slats over your head.
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