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Thread: High Speed Relay Location 2016 JKU

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    High Speed Relay Location 2016 JKU

    Hi all - we are chasing a P0480 code and have located/replaced and tested all relays EXCEPT for the "high speed relay" located "behind the driver's side headlight". I have searched and searched and cannot find anywhere it's actual location. I have asked the dealer (they don't know), I have searched the Chilton, I can't find it, I have asked friends with 2016 and up and they can't find it either......
    I have the part, it is applicable to the 2016 (according to the dealer and another Mopar website) but it is a unicorn and I am out of pixie dust.
    Can someone please shed some light? Is this an actual relay in the 2016 JKU (sport S) or is this as applicable as blinker fluid?
    Any help is appreciated - Thanks !

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    I dont believe this exists on a 2012+ model years. It looks like they changed the fan to a variable speed fan controlled via the TIPM. I just did some googling. Has lots of images to show locations and some decent looking info.

    Hopefully the mods are okay with me posting if not ill remove.

    It seems pretty hard to diagnose the fan as the issue since you cant bench test it. And it might require a dealer visit so they can test the TIPM
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