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Thread: Need help deciding on Fender Flares

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    I went with the Nemesis Notorious. They are aluminum. Yes they are expensive. As for cutting into your tires, they shouldn't even touch your tire if your bumps are set up right.20190614_163000.jpg20190608_122922.jpg

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    I went with Poison Spyder aluminum crusher flares, standard width. I have had them for 6-7 years now and love them. Took them off my 12, powder coated them a different color and put them on my 18. This go around I put on their front fender liners as well. IMG_1631.jpgIMG_1654.jpgIMG_1632.jpgIMG_1652.jpg

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    Why do you want flat fenders? Do you have clearance issues with the 35s and factory flares now, or do you plan to try putting 37" tires on with your current 2.5" lift? Or is this just for looks right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cangro408 View Post
    from what iíve researched the aluminum ones arenít so bad and I donít mind so much having to commit to a certain one due to cutting or making holes, most of the brands hide the cuts/ holes well. I do know that the nemesis ones use existing holes, but you have to widen them a bit and install a nut insert. Iím only hesitant on the MCE because there pretty expensive for being plastic, but iíve heard great things about them.

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    Yes the MCEs are expensive, but less expensive than the metal options. Periodically they go on sale. I recently saw then at 20% off through one vendor. Truth be told, I was not willing to pay full price, and only pulled the trigger when I found some new ones on Craigslist at half price. They are the now-discontinued ďcarbon fiberĒ finish. Everyone thinks I have real carbon fiber fenders, which would be dumb.

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    I'm partial to MCE...still made in good ole WA...(I think...they did recently sell to Daystar)...
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    I ran cut stock ones for a long time and liked it. I changed to MCE for no real reason other than why not. Install was easy and I like the looks a bit more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiend View Post
    The steel ones (Poison Spider, Nemesis, etc.) look great. But they are pretty heavy, they rust, and they can damage your body panels if you nudge a tree, rock, etc.

    The plastic options (eg MCE) are lighter weight, donít rust, and tend to bend rather than transfer full force to body panels. They donít look as nice, but thatís a subjective judgment. I have the MCE full width and Iíve been happy with them.

    Cutting the stock fenders is free and entails the same benefits as MCE. I never cared for the look, personally. But again, thatís subjective.

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    Good info right there OP ^^^. I was all about steel fenders until I met Fiend and saw his MCE.

    To me the MCE look better then cut stocks but for a free mod you can't go wrong either.

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    I have been running the aluminum Poison Spyders in the rear for a while now (cut stocks up front) and for me they come in handy as a step when messing with camp gear on the roof rack. Without the rack, not sure I would have got away from the free cut-up stock mod.IMG_8269.jpg

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