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Thread: New Wave from Saint Louis, MO

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    New Wave from Saint Louis, MO

    Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for letting me join I have a 2018 JLUR that I bought used back in April. I really love this Jeep. I'm new to Wranglers, but got into Jeeps a few years ago. My Oldest daughter wrecked her Toyota Camry on the highwau coming home from school for Thanksgiving. I found a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to take it's place. It was a great vehicle, provided lots of utility and value for the money. Then I bought my 2nd daughter a little 95 XJ Cherokee to go back and forth to Michigan for college. Then I bought my youngest daughter a really nice 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD when she was a senior, and it's just about gotten her thru college. This vehicle is sweet with all the bells and whistles. I ended up getting the XJ back and driving it. After we came back to Saint Louis from attending the graduations of my 2 oldest daughters from grad school, a gal made a turn thru a stopped lane and I plowed right into her, wadding up the drivers fender and the bumper and grill. Insurance totalled it, but I've held on to it. I was taking that little Jeep everywhere, camping and hiking. It broke my heart when it got hit. So I found a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD like my youngest's, only in gray. All the bells and whistles, V8 too. It was really nice. Then late last summer I noticed it running a little hot. Long story short, warped heads. I nursed it thru the winter and started looking at Wrangler Unlimiteds in the Spring. So now I have a nice Billet Silver Unlimited Rubicon with cloth seats and the red dash. I really do love this Jeep. I'll probably start upgrading it late this year or next year. I want to take it out and see what she will do, but don't want to just take it out in the mud and tear it up. I did that back in the 70's! This is the perfect jeep for me to take my wife up to the Grand Canyon and check out the North Rim. I can't take her out on the bike.
    Well, that's my Jeep story. Sorry it's so long, but it gives you an idea of what brought me here. I'll be reading the forums, and maybe even asking some questions.

    Take care,

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    Wave back from the Lou. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new jeep.

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    Welcome to Wayalife

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    Welcome to WAL

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    Welcome to WAL from Kansas City. Just a hop, skip... fuck what did I just step in around Columbia... and jump away 😁👍
    Courtesy is given. Respect is Earned.

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    Welcome from Detroit

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    Welcome from Indiana!

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    Welcome to Wayalife.

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    Welcome to wayalife from Chicagoland

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    Welcome to Wayalife
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