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Thread: Hydro Blue Jeep Gladiator JT color is now open for ordering!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnysideup View Post
    Looks awesome! I wanted the blue... wife wanted the Punkin… and well we have punkin! Which ended up not being much for a metallic... so I like it better than the metallic orange. I've always been a fan of blue! Looks great!
    Looks like you'll just have to get a second one

    Quote Originally Posted by sipafz View Post
    Congratulations WJCO! That’s a beautiful truck!
    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Top looks funky open. It's only 2-4 bolts to fully take off. I'm doing that next time. View out the back is fine.
    VW Bug convertibles were thought to look funky in the beginning also, now are a very sought after vehicle. Grows on you.

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    Nice!! Love that color

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    I know it’s an oldish thread but congrats on the JT!! Very cool color.
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