Iím trying to decide which route I want to go in the rear. My options right now are a SF prorock 60 or converting the rear over to a 35 spline carrier and shafts. I always see people saying that the sf60 isnít worth the money and thatís why this is even a predicament. I am currently running 38s, my jeep is reletively lightweight, and Iím soft on the gas. The current setup I have had 0 issues with my oem dana 44, but Iíd feel a lot better with some more beef in the back.

With all that being said, full floaters are pretty much out of the question. I donít have the budget to replace front and rear both, plus buy new wheels and driveshafts. I just got a prorock 44 at the beginning of the year and want to build the rear to be just as good.