So I have hit the loop of the left side converter on my 3.6 JK on the rocks three times now. The first time, a new gasket fixed the leak that was caused by doing so. The second time, a new gasket just quieted the leak. Now the third time, a new gasket did nothing. I am assuming the flange is probably bent enough that there isn’t a good seal. I tried putting off buying a replacement converter because when it comes to them, I prefer to buy OE considering I have never had good luck with aftermarket converters in keeping the MIL off. Almost 90% of the time, the MIL illuminates with efficiency codes when going to the aftermarket. The OE left side converter is priced at well over $1000. For that price, I might be willing to take the gamble on an aftermarket converter. I know Magnaflow offers a replacement that I will probably trust over someone like Walker or the like. Anyone have experience?

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