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Thread: Jeep JK Purchase Help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exodus Jeeps View Post
    In Texas they’ll tax you when you register it based on the blue book value, not what you actually paid. How’s that for fucking criminal

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    Ooo... Shut the fuck up. Someone in the California legislature might see this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tastethebeast View Post
    Sorry to hear that man. Keep looking though. The issue is that a lot of people can't afford the JL Rubicon so they are buying up gently used JKs. Once used JLs start to be more common I have the feeling the old model price will go down. I was curious so I stopped by my local dealer yesterday and they had one used 2016 JKUR for $35,500. It had 25k miles and had every option besides the hard rock package. That is probably they type of price you will find at most dealers.
    Ya, the new body style is not doing to the JK's what I thought it would. I picked up an R1200GSA (kinda like a JKUR in the two wheel world) the year after the water cooled one came out and got a smokin' deal on a 2012. I was thinking that the same thing would happen with the JK's. So far, in my experience, it has not. Honestly, I'm not sure why not either, I saw a 20' JLUR for sale at a local dealership new for $43k. It had leather but was missing the high end stereo package. Thought to myself why in the world are the 4 -5 y/o ones still bringing 30-35? I can't figure it out. I'll end up with one eventually, but like I said in the first post, this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be to find a deal on one.

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    You may be able to find a better deal on one this winter, as the warmer months seem to bring primo prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaddestCross View Post
    Ooo... Shut the fuck up. Someone in the California legislature might see this.

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