IMG_1059.jpgWell if watching Eddie's and Mel's Gladiator builds don't get you fired up not sure what will, amazing stuff! Have been sketching out some build plan ideas for my JT, comparing some of the things I did and liked on my JKU and wanted to get others thoughts and ideas.

I'm torn on the lift etc as I really like the way the Gladiator rides, particularly in the rear(have seen other posts and agree that the front end drivability of the JT can be a little flighty). That probably sounds weird but I'm an old 3/4 ton diesel pickup guy. What are peoples thoughts of the best on road driving suspension for the JT that are available at the moment(my JT will see mostly road)? Just like alot of people, I have dreams of King Coilovers in my sleep, LOL. I did a 2.5" Metalcloak Game Changer, Fox Reservior shocks/steering stabilizer and all the YETI HD goodies on the front of my JKU and it's rock solid with a nice low center of gravity. Looking at accomplishing 37's with a nice aggressive stance on the JT.
I appreciate any feedback! Thanks