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Thread: Oddyssey Extreme Dead, 2.5 years old!

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    Thanks for your input guys! I have a Smart charger by NOCO and will use it, see if I can keep it at 12.8v. Ddays, sucks to hear about your Amazon issue! Luck of the draw on phone reps? My guy didn't blink, I told him that it didn't pass an anylizer test. He asked how I would like to be refunded! No need to return the battery! Maybe you could just call back again and try another rep.


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    That is what I was thinking. My battery gauge shows 14-14.5 depending on idle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snboarder113 View Post
    Alternators charge at like 14, if you drive your vehicle this should never be an issue.

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    depending on the type of battery , wet ,agm etc, there is different voltage ratings need to charge.

    this is a pretty good read for info.
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    They actually have a special charger that helps to keep them working.

    I plug mine in about once a month to make sure it is topped off. Or if I don't drive the jeep for a few days.
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