2013 jku.

Issue : when Jeep running the map light (rear view mirror) and rear interior light (behind back seat) stay on and will not shut off.

No door open indication on the dash

Had leds installed on all interior light but removed them after issue. Left lights out

Rear cam not displaying on head unit.

The interior light switch (left hand side of column ) is turned off) remember only map lights and rear interior lights stay on and not lights just behind driver.

Tried resetting by disconnecting battery for over 10 min. Tried several times.

No trouble codes (according to my programmer)

Dealer thought 80% chance it’s instrument cluster but they are on backorder from warehouse in US. Sent mine out for repair but came back no issues. They seemed to be stumped.

Any real in-depth would help.

I’m trying to be reaL thorough here.


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