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Thread: Hydroboost Frozen Caliper and Leaking PS Cap/Box

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    Hydroboost Frozen Caliper and Leaking PS Cap/Box

    Had a caliper freeze up on me on the trail (back passenger side) but didn't really notice until I was at the highway to air up. I noticed my power steering cap had been leaking and my steering box was leaking. I figured because I have a hydro boost system on this CJ when the caliper froze the system needed to relieve pressure so it came out of those two spots. 1980 master cylinder with Hydroboost from an Astro can. Brakes are disk on the back and it is a stock steering box with brackets for support. Running 37” tires. What do you think?IMG_2895.JPG

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    I think you have two different issues.

    The hydroboost system just allows the driver to have less pedal effort while applying brakes. If a caliper locked up, when you push the brakes, your brake fluid pressure would just go to the other 3 wheels.

    The power steering leaks you have are likely just leaks that occurred over time. The one at the pump has been leaking for awhile. May want to clean that one up and recheck it, it could just be someone spilled fluid at some point and didn't wipe it up.
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