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Thread: Hole in oil pan

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    Hole in oil pan

    My neighbor has a 2014 jk and recently had his engine overheat and start pouring smoke, after pulling over he sees oil pouring out the front of his engine and he looks and sees a quarter size hole in the top front of his oil pan, his shop said a bolt must have come out and came thru the oil pan, they replaced the oil pan and to his knowledge that is it. I know, i know.....i told him something had to come loose and create the hole, bolts aren't just free flowing throughout the engine, he just looks at me with a dumbfounded look. Well, long story short he gets it back today drives about 2.5hrs, and it does the exact same thing. What would be loose in the FRONT section of the engine right behind the balancer that could be knocking a hole in his oil pan, oil pick up maybe?
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    First find out which way the hole is protruding. See if something from the inside outward did it or if something on the outside is hitting it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    First find out which way the hole is protruding. See if something from the inside outward did it or if something on the outside is hitting it.
    LOL Fucking CSI over here. Good info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MericaMade View Post
    LOL Fucking CSI over here.
    Was the wife left alone with the Jeep at any time... an alibi might be needed for this investigation.

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    That sounds nuts. Keep us posted, really curious to know what’s causing this. Hopefully y’all can get it figured out soon.

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    My first thought is never go back to that shop.

    I've never been inside of one of these to know what might be suspect, but something is obviously coming apart. That said, there is nothing inside of any engine that can afford to loose a bolt or two without being on a short road to total destruction.

    I can't believe a reputable shop would not investigate far enough to find the source.

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    Makes you wonder if the shop PATCHED the hole and the patch failed.

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    I'd love to see a pic of this. I agree with WJCO, identify which way the protrusion occurred. I also agree withe above statement. If the engine is flinging bolts at high RPMs it is not going to be a functional engine much longer... Your friend sleeping around with anyone's wife by chance? Sounds so strange it could be intentional..

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    Should anything come apart in the bottom end of an engine, engine life ends. As the crank moves around anything loose would make a lot of noise. I agree, I would love to see a picture. Just does not make any sense. I really don't know what would be hitting the pan from the outside either. I would shake everything under the jeep near the pan to see if anything is broken or loose.

    Please keep us posted when you find out what it is.

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    This is so weird that it actually has my attention. With CSI Colorado in here it’s almost better than watching TV now!

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