1st, great thanks to the thread below, It was a tremendous help. I have a 2015 and the fuel line does not need to be removed unless you are removing the whole intake. Only the passenger side injectors need to be disconnected so it can flip over. The fuel line is long enough to allow the intake to be completely out of the way.


My Story.

1st,,,, Check engine light.... I run Torque so I noticed that my pressure was at 95psi and the scanner said sensor issue. I looked online for write ups to replace the sensor. And looked, and looked... Finally I purchased a sensor and fought to remove and replace it. 7 hours later it was done. Started the Jeep and NO OIL PRESSURE... oh well, I figured I cracked the sensor. I would replace later....

fast forward about a week and I noticed that great smell of hot oil on exhaust. " Is that me" I wondered. Yep Oil all under my jeep. Now understand I didn't remove the oil cooler assy.

More research and I found the above thread. I purchased a new assy with the sensors. Followed the thread and it was much easier, though I cracked the fuel connector clip. I also had a problem seating the cooler in place with the coolant line connected as it wanted to twist. Put the baby back together and the oil leak was still there and actually worse.

What could be wrong? Did I lose an Oring?

Upon the next try I order a set of oring seals and these pliers, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1 , which I hoped would allow me to remove the hose clamp with the cooler on the engine. This worked fine. So I was able to remove and replace the cooler with no interference from anything. Upon removal I noticed I pinched the oring, not one of the seals.

I greased up everything and put her back together. Everything went as smooth as butter. No leak..... for two weeks...

so here I type wondering what I will do. I can see the oil pooling down by the filter... I am tempted to use gasket seal...... ugh..

Any ideas?