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Thread: You can't fix stupid...

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    You can't fix stupid...

    We have all seen the videos online. Some of us have had the awe inspiring pleasure of witnessing epic levels of stupidity in the wild. Some of us may even be related to someone suffering from total stupidity. This is your place to share.

    (If there is already an appropriate thread i apologize and please move. Thought I'd seen something along these lines but cannot remember the title or find it.)

    Came across this gem today:

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    There's a "you're doing it wrong" thread that this may go into.

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    That would work great. If a mod sees this could they move it please? If not can i just delete and repost?

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    nothing like a good 'ol hillbilly rescue.
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    To be fair...... kia did take a sorento up hells gate Haha so the tucson might have got confused
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