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Thread: Overland & Underpaid a WJ story...

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    A little something got done at least.

    After doing some research, I found that lots of people recommend moving the windshield washer reservoir because it is in a bad location and prone to damage. I could see why as it's in the fenderwell behind the front bumper on the drivers side. Bigger tires meets washer tank and scrunch goes the tank.

    I found a link that WJCO put in another WJ build thread and ordered a ZJ tank. I had to mount it further toward the front than some others have because of a bunch of emissions stuff that is in the way. That meant I had to figure out a different set up for my air filter because it takes up a bunch of space and is right in the way of where I needed the tank to go.

    Basically, I just removed the box that contains the stock filter and reinstalled the connecting tube backwards so the flex end was on the other side. It was the perfect size (once squeezed to a round shape) to put a piece of aluminum tube I had lying around , and then a simple cone filter. If it flops around too much, then I'll rig up a small L-bracket between the inner wheel well and the hose clamp on the filter. So far It's not an issue and I don't hear any rattling.

    The main reason I did this was because I will be changing the front bumper which exposes the tank even more so I just wanted to get it out of the way. I also did a preliminary trim on the front wheel well liners. I can trim some more, if whatever bumper I get warrants it. Pic for that is sideways, but it get the idea across.
    I need to be good with trimming because for sure I will be doing a set of Bushwacker Cut-Out Flares. Those are on my Christmas list.





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    Quote Originally Posted by catahoula View Post
    Nice WJ look forward t the build!
    Thanks to you too!!

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    Steering Wheel

    Well , I needed a new steering wheel because I hate the cheap autozone covers. Hard to tell in the pics but mine was sticky and really loose/squishy under the worn out leather... simply poor condition. The rest of the interior is so nice that it felt like someone put a shit wheel in from another Jeep just for giggles.
    I found a place online that did refurb wheels for about $250 and they are similar to the Overland series style so I went that way.
    The problem was they were very clear that it was a non-refundable custom made piece, and it's not quite right. It doesn't fit properly at the bottom where the airbag meets the wheel, otherwise quality is really good. I'd be pissed if it wasn't for the fact it's still WAY better than it was, and the purpose of this Jeep is mostly just trail riding and exploring/camping. So it doesn't have to be perfect. I did look online to see if the airbag was different in other model years, but didn't see a change. If I do find one that fits right then I'll replace the bag, otherwise I'll live with it.




    I also got some quarter armor to install over Christmas week. I had to burn up extra vacation time and need something to do while the wife is at work.
    I'll have it powder-coated later, probably in matte black. I'll throw in a pic of what it will look like installed on another WJ.



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    The fit doesn’t look bad, but I get it. Nicely done.

    That corner armor looks good on, let the build begin!

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    Nice wheel, but for the fit there.

    Disappointing for the price, but still much better than before.

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    Looking good. Our steering wheel was like yours as well; really worn and squishy.
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