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Thread: 2020 Gladiator JT ordered!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Congrats. The factory wheels have a nice contrast against the body color. Looks sweet.
    Quote Originally Posted by wjtstudios View Post
    That color looks great! Congrats!

    2015 JKUR AEV JK350
    1985 CJ8 Scrambler

    Thanks!! They do look good. I just ordered tires and wheels for it yesterday. Ordered KMC KM544 gray with black trim ring and a set of 37/12.5/17 Nitto Ridge grapplers.
    The wheels should keep a nice contrast with the body color.
    '08 Sahara JKU
    5.5" Rock Krawler lift with 2.0 reservoir shocks
    37" Cooper Discoverer STT tires
    OrFab front and rear bumpers with Teraflex HD hinge and tire carrier
    4.88 gears, ARB air lockers, ARB diff covers, onboard air, Rubicon transfer case

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    Lovin the color!!!! Congrats!!!

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    Super cool enjoy

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    Congrats! Looks like you have a nice build starting. I would advise getting a glide plate for the front diff. I’d hate to round out the drain plug and have it come loose like WAYALIFE on their Rubicon trip.

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    Congrats! Good looking JT!

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    You must be stoked...I’m stoked for you...

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    Wow stingray looks great! Congrats!

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    Looks great! Thinking of trading in the SRT for one, and you’re not helping!

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