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Thread: Free bent(1deg) front Dana 44 axel

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    Free bent(1deg) front Dana 44 axel

    Needing input if it’s a good idea to get a slightly bent front Dana 44. It’s all gutted out and needs everything . My local shop advised not to and said they would heat it to straighten it out and is hit or miss on the outcome of it. I have a Dana 30 now I would like a project for the winter

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    Welcome to Wayalife. Other than the pumpkin itself, the Dana 44 OEM housing is identical to the 30. Both are prone to bending. I personally wouldn't waste the money buying the internals. I would rather save the money towards an aftermarket axle that has a better designed housing and is much less likely to bend. Plus, with an aftermarket axle, you get all the internals with it usually.
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    Ok sounds good

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