I have been looking into an upgrade to my rear brakes after recently installing the Crown Front Big Brake Kit. Not too many realistic options out there beyond Dynatrac and Teraflex.
Since the working bits of the front kit I installed are essentially Jeep J8/Ram 1500 components, that got me thinking along the line of the OEM Plus concept and wondering if anyone had attempted to install the 330mm rotors and caliper/caliper brackets from a JL onto a JK D44? Or, the 13.9 rotors and caliper/brackets from the rear of a Gladiator to a JK?

I have done a little research, some say "no.... won't fit" without listing where the incompatibility exists. Other threads have gone stale before coming to a conclusion.
Obviously, none of the Mopar part#'s identify compatibility, but the aftermarket shows that the JL's non-HD rear brakes utilize the same pad as the rear calipers on the JK. So....if the HD brakes are truly a bolt on upgrade to non-HD JL rear axle brakes, that that same compatibility may exist with the JK.
Short of ordering individual components to test my theory, only to find that the parking brake drum diameter is the limiting factor (or some other outlier), does anyone know, with certainty, whether they will bolt up?