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Thread: Tragic night

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    Scary stuff. So glad you and your family are ok.

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    I've never done it but I'm sure i'll be good at it

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    Such a shame, but I am glad to hear you and the family are doing well.

    Looks like the Jeep did its job keeping you safe, shame it will probably be totalled.

    I hope the insurance process goes smoothly for you and you get rolling again soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmkrinne View Post
    Wow, Josh! Really scary situation. So glad to hear you all walked away from it. Thanks for sharing the story. Melanie said she is impressed at how safe these vehicles are. I agree 100%.

    While showing these pics to her this morning On our way to church, some asshole came across into my lane head on and sent us into the ditch to avoid a head on collision in our Jeep. Crazy fuckers everywhere!!!!

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    Wow man that's crazy to hear. Glad yall are okay. Driving is too scary these days. I'd rather be on the rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSJKU11 View Post
    It took a lot of reserve on my part to not go find him. I honestly was so concerned with getting my family out that I wasn't worried about the other guy. Had it hurt anyone in the car with me it could have been a different scene though.

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    I bet it did. Glad y’all were ok. Had to have been scary and frustrating for y’all.

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    Glad to hear everyone is ok man! Rock sliders for the win.

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    Glad to hear everyone is ok. Really scary right there. Red light runners are getting so bad. It sucks about the Jeep, but material possessions are replaceable, lives however aren't.

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    Wow glad everyone is okay. Looks like you may be able to salvage most of your aftermarket gear too.

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    So glad you and your family is ok. It’s amazing what some idiots will do to risk life of others just to gain a second or two of driving time.

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    Really sorry to hear about the Jeep! Grateful to hear you and you're family ok. If they total it make sure you grab your badges, that's a nice collection

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    Sorry to hear this happen. Glad everyone is ok.

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