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Thread: Tragic night

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    Oct 2019
    Sorry this happened. Glad you are all ok tho. Thatís whatís most important.
    In the same breath I will say that youíve put a lot of work into it and it sucks how quickly it was destroyed by someone who just didnít care.
    Again, at the end of the day, you and your family are really what matters. But I am feeling a little pain for you for the work you put in.

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    Holy crap thatís scary! Definitely glad you all made it out ok. Stuff like this makes me want to get some decent armor and a cage. Best of luck with the insurance/build/rebuild. I hope the dude that hit you steps on legos everyday for the rest of his life.

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    Nothing but a Thing jorgelrod's Avatar
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    Oh, Man sorry this happened to you and your family. The Jeep can be replaced, don't worry about that!

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    Glad you and the family are okay!!!

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    Oh my goodness Iím so glad you guys are all ok.

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    Scary stuff, pics are hard to look at.
    So glad you and your family are ok

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    Damn man... Iím glad to hear your family is ok. There are so many dumbass drivers on the road...

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    Crazy, so glad you and your family are okay. Scary.

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    Glad you guys are ok, sorry about the Jeep it looked pretty nice from what I could tell. Itís funny you donít think about the aftermarket parts we invest in could actually save you in the event of a accident but in this case it looks like they really helped. I just hope insurance takes care of you.

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    Knows a Thing or Two Samuelh3's Avatar
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    Man that sucks. Glad you and your family are ok tho. That God for that tank you were driving!

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