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Thread: Canadian Jeep in the US?

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    Canadian Jeep in the US?

    I'm looking at buying a used 2018 JL that was built at the Toledo plant and delivered to British Columbia Canada new.
    Since then it was sold to a Off Road shop in the US.
    The vehicle history reports states at the time of that sale:
    "Vehicle imported and declared to meet US highway safety specifications"
    and further goes on to show:
    "Title issued or updated. Dealer took title of this vehicle while it was in inventory. Titled or registered as personal vehicle."

    So I don't think I should any problems purchasing it and getting it titled here in the US.

    When the manufacturer builds it originally for Canada the window stickers states:
    " This Vehicle Is Manufactured To Meet Specific Canadian Requirements.
    This Vehicle Is Not Manufactured For Sale Or Registration Outside Of Canada."

    My question is what is the difference between a Jeep built for Canada vs the US???

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    I don’t think you will get recalls or warranty work done here? I know a guy with a Canadian Jeep and he can’t get it fixed here under warranty is what he told me

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    If the dealer already did the import paperwork it’s got a us title now. Just learn to read km/h

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    The speedometer should be converted over, probably has DRL's and other minor differences. But if it was already brought down to the US and titled there shouldn't be any problems.

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    I have a Canadian Jeep that I bought used from a dealer in AZ. I have had no issues with registration in multiple states (AZ and FL). I get recall notices from FCA. I had one warranty issue (stupid radio), but I was outside the 3 year period. The dealer did not indicate any issues due to manufacturing specs for America’s funny hat (Canada). Speedo is in mph and kph. The only reason I noticed it was different was the temp gauge was in Celsius. Hope that helps.

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    Oil pressure might be in Kilo Pascal's as well. At least my ZJ was.

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