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Thread: Loud popping and cracking when i turn my steering wheel

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    Loud popping and cracking when i turn my steering wheel

    Hi Wayalife family!

    This is my first post and it’s a big issue for me. I don’t know what’s going on but everytime I make a turn or turn my steering wheel a huge pop sound goes or and sounds like something is going to burst. Also whenever I hit a bump my traction control comes on and my wheels lock up and it happens on the freeway sometimes!!! Anybody else have these issues?

    I have 2.5in springs/shocks, 33inch tires, rough country front track bar, Steel front/rear bumper, steel fender flares, steel rear body armor.. all other steering components are stock.

    Could this be a wear and tear issue due to the weight and lift??

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    My guess on the popping is a ujoint on your axle

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    Loud popping and cracking when i turn my steering wheel

    Welcome to Wayalife. I’d start be inspecting your front unit bearings (hubs) and then go from there. Traction control lights can come on for a few reasons but the most common is a bad ABS sensor/wire. The popping noise you’re hearing in conjunction leads me to believe that the unit bearings are a good place to start as a bad unit bearing can cause ABS lockup issues. Hope this helps.

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    Start by jacking one front tire at a time slightly off the ground and seeing what moves.

    As above, unit bearings sound likely. Good news is they are relatively inexpensive, and easy to change.

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    Where is the sound coming from? Is it from the steering column? The front end? Engine bay?

    Does it happen when you are stationary and turn the wheel or just while driving? Some more info or a video would help

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    Don't turn. Problem fixed and cost nothing.

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