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Thread: Rear Axles and Ring/Pinion Recommendations for a Non-Rubicon D44 Upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Burro View Post
    Holy cow they’re stout!
    Damn, that looks nice. Seems like a spectacular turn around too! I plan on putting my set on order in a little over a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockinAZJK View Post
    Haha that’s where I’m at. Especially with a damaged ring gear and broken locker in the rear. It would only be another 1.5k or so to go 14b rear but then I add more weight and width. And right now I fit on a uhaul trailer

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    You would still fit on it, just on the rails instead of the floor🤣🤣

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdofmemi View Post
    You would still fit on it, just on the rails instead of the floor🤣🤣
    Lol I already push the rails a bit 🤣

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