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Thread: New to us Jeep project

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    New to us Jeep project

    My apologies for dropping off the map.

    Between buying our house on the SW Washington coast and working full time, plus some Iíve left the board high and dry in the meantime.

    A few weeks ago we bought a well used and abused 1994 ZJ.

    Code name: Castiel.

    He is a joint project between my wife and I. She wants to learn and Iím willing to teach.

    Laredo trim
    318ci V8
    42RE trans
    3Ē skyjacker lift
    33Ē mud terrain tires.

    We are going to be restomodding this one. It came to us with a lift kit and 33Ē tires already installed.

    Our hopes are to use the ZJ as a road trip vehicle for mild excursions, but mainly as a medical transport vehicle for my mother in law. We donít know how long she has left, but we want her to be comfortable.

    Iím not gonna lie, heís in rough shape right now. Interior stripped out, some poorly done electrical work that can be readily and easily corrected, thereís various bits missing here and there, but are easily found in most wrecking yards.

    Tonight started the official clean up of the interior parts now that Iíve verified that the wire harness is intact and in need of some repairs to be made in the morning during daylight hours.

    I brought in the door cards and center console from the shed to clean them up and ready them for reinstallation in the coming weeks.

    Heíll need a lower core support, front and rear bumpers, either a replacement air filter box or a cold air intake kit, some body work, every bit of maintenance imaginable and a whole lot of cleaning.

    Engine runs strong and smooth, transmission needs a flush, but should come out fine in the end. Needs to be geared for the 33ís if we donít drop down to 31ís.

    Brakes feel good, but like the rest of him, will be thoroughly gone through.

    I guess working at a parts house and prior experience working for Detroit Diesel as a tech Is working in my favor.

    Castiel needs a lot of love.

    Stay tuned, thereís updates for Red Wagon as well, including an oops that ended up in her taking a nap on her side during a trail run last year. 😱 While body damage was minimal, my pride was well bruised.
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    This morning was spent on visual inspection of the harness from Underhood to inner body. The doors have broken wires inside the rubber boots, these will be an easy repair.

    The stereo wiring has been cut, but again it will be an easy repair.

    The amp is present under the back seat, but bypass plugs have been installed, Iíll have to pull it and inspect for damage to the boards inside before I put it back in circuit again.

    i will have to run some new wiring to eliminate the wires that were damaged from the previous idiots, but everything except the radio harness looks intact.

    Tomorrow evening I will dive into testing each and every wire with a DVOM now that I have a copy of the FSM.

    Iím not putting a battery into this Jeep again until I know why all three main fuses (that are present) were blown and then bypassed.
    The Little Red Wagon Build. Grab an empty seat and hang on for the ride!

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    Looks like a good project!

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    Have fun with that. Sounds like you have a little work on your hands. Good times!

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