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Thread: 2019 Iceland Overland Expedition

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    2019 Iceland Overland Expedition

    From September 2011 to September 2013 I used to live and work in New Jersey but I am actually from Germany. During my time at the east coast I bought a pre-owned 2007 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in Pennsylvania and I took the Jeep with me when I moved back to Germany. Before I moved back home I did most of the modifications including the suspension lift with basic tools in the parking lot of the development that I used to live at. I still own the Jeep and I have found a very experienced US car dealer in my neck of the woods who takes good care of her. However most of the repairs and maintenance I still take care of on my own until today.

    The reason why I still own this Jeep Wrangler is of course memories but also my passion for wrenching and wheeling as well as landscape photography and filmmaking. One of the most fascinating destinations that you can access with your Jeep from Europe is Iceland. I have been there with the Wrangler in 2015, 2017 and 2019. The last two trips did I with a buddy who runs a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.2L. Actually I talked him into the Jeep thing and I got him hooked on all the modifications. You can check out some photos that I took on flickr:

    But of course this thread is about a video, actually my first project that I have ever uploaded to YouTube. This video features our latest overland expedition to Iceland and it is only the first part of a two part adventure:

    If you are interested in the GPS data of my tracks, you can download them:

    For my next project I may want to look into Gaia GPS as an alternative option for GPS planning.

    If you like the content, buy me a coffee.
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    Oh man, I love the slick low key editing on this one. 🤣

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    I lived in Keflavik for Three years. My good Friend Oskar Hardarson is from Keflavik and runs the Arctic 4x4 club. I have traveled all over the Island in my Jeeps. Here are some pictures. I like the one of my son playing baseball with the Iceland Air Jet taking off behind him. Some are of Glacier Bay, Skogar, Black Sands Beach and the one of the glacier if you look real close you will see me and my oldest son on it and Black Sands Beach. The other vehicles are at my friend's house, Oskar. It was the best place I ever lived.
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    Great pictures, those Broncos are pretty sweet!

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    Great pictures, and I'm sure even better memories.

    The Bronco looks a lot like one that was featured in one of the magazines way back. That was the first I had seen a double transfer case set up, so they could turn the huge tires.

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    Awesome pictures! Looks like a fun place!

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    Iceland rocks........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brute View Post
    Iceland rocks........
    Yes it does and the fishing is awesome!!!

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