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People have done it that way. You’d cut the tube somewhere between the pumpkin and the flange, then sleeve it and put a longer piece of tubing in to widen the axle. I wouldn’t recommend you do it that way. In addition to that being a failure point, you’d have to make damn sure everything is perfectly straight and doesn’t warp when welding which would be unlikely without access to a true-bar. Going to 1 tons is a costly project even with junkyard axles. Sit down and make a list of all the parts you’d need to build the axles and get the jeep on the road. Don’t forget to include things like steering, wheels, tone rings/brackets, bearings, etc. Then add some fat to that. You’ll see it isn’t cheap by any means. Especially if you’re trying to build custom axle housings.

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I watched JKgears and gadgets build videos and was trying to judge my pricing off of that. Granted he used newer axles that required less fab work and didn’t go with air lockers like I want too. But i wanna say his entire swap cost between 8-10k. I’ll start compiling a list together and see. Prolly end up doing 2 lists. One for the axles I have and then another for if I got newer junkyard axles.

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