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Thread: EAST Meets WEST: Prep thread

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    EAST Meets WEST: Prep thread

    Since we have such a large group going to the East meets West trip, I figure we should have a thread for everyone to post up what they have to prep/what’s being done and such as we go!

    I’ll start with this: mine is going in to Bubba soon to get the rear diff taken care of and lockers working. Also need to get my other wheels put on. (My old wheels, but painted. Went to JL rubi wheels and can’t stand them so I’m going back)

    Ddays was thoughtful enough to dig up some threads and provide the following:
    Hopefully, everyone going on the trip already has the basics covered, but if not, here are a couple good threads for some ideas for spares and tools that you may want to bring along.
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    Throwing a couple new stickers on but that's about it

    Gruff 2014 JKU Moneypit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ddays View Post
    Throwing a couple new stickers on but that's about it
    That’s good for at least 10hp each. Plus I’m sure they’ll make those tires look like 40s some how

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    EAST Meets WEST: Prep thread

    Let’s see.. I need to get from this

    To 37s!

    Rockhard4x4 Front bumper
    Rockhard4x4 rock sliders
    Warn VR EVO 10S w/synthetic line
    Rockhard4x4 FAD Skid
    EVO trans/oil pan skid
    Rancho 2inch Sport lift w/RS9000 shocks
    Method Double Standard wheels (machined finish)
    37s (undecided on tires)

    Let’s see if I can make all that happen by July 30th..

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    Pretty loaded question. In the middle of axles and 40s, ARB, hydro, etc... Once that’s all done it’s shake down time for a few runs and then back under the knife for suspension setup depending what I decide. You know, the little things.

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    Add bumpstops
    Change out coils to evo and shocks to rancho
    Evo rockstar skids
    Rockhard trans/oil skid
    Revolution chromoly rear axle shafts
    Hydro assist
    Rockhard FCA skids
    Rear sway bar links
    Weld in C gussets
    Install painless wiring
    Check all my JJs and repair if needed
    Think I'm good after that, shouldn't take too long.

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    Change all my fluids
    Install Carbon Off road axle shafts
    Install new unit bearings
    Install Dynatracs ProGrips
    Rotate tires
    Get a hair cut and shave
    Put my CB back in
    Mow the grass
    Maybe Buy Evo sliders

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    Yeah I think my list is to long.

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    Well, where to start.

    Fusion 4x4 axles
    Method wheels
    Nitto 40” trail grapplers
    Nemesis fenders
    J8 Brake booster
    Bumper chops and a whole lot of cutting

    That should take me thru February. We’ll see what March and April have to bring. But it’s all worth it!

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    Hopefully get some of my parts pile installed.
    Rock Hard trans crossmember
    Front big brake kit
    PSC steering box

    Have both lockers working
    Get my rear King shocks rebuilt and installed
    Add a real CB to replace the Cobra 75

    To even start on this, I need to get into my garage, replace the non working door, make room to work on the Jeep

    Oh, and try not to rear up anything else before this trip.

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