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X2...if ur new to Jeeps I would recommend getting a set of used 33" mud tires that are wider than stock and wheel spacers. No lift needed and you won't sink as easily in the mud ur loomy soil. Cheap and a basis to decide what you really need in a suspension. If you plan to hit creek beds it would be smart to buy a set of Rubi rails to protect your tub from the rocks as well as an oil pan skid. Armor and recovery gear are always a good first mods. Not as flashy but better than paying for damage repair.

x3 On wheel it first, preferably with someone you trust who has a pretty good idea about what their doing. As far a regearing, you don't NEED to regear if you go to 35's. I ran 35s on my 2dr with the stock and had no issues except for that it was a little bit of a slug, but its a Jeep, not an import turner so I wasn't out drag racing it. (I had a manual transmission). If you go to 35's you may want to look into procal or something similar so that your speedo will be accurate. Good luck with the new rig!!