Well, after another great weekend of exploring (or as you Yanks seem to call it- Overlanding), our indespensible communication equipment was a fun toy yet again.

For those not aquainted with Amateur Radio, it is to CBs what smart phones are to the "brick".

And for the really techy, there is an APRS feature that posts your GPS location in Google Maps in real time on the internet. My buddy who I was with has the Kenwood D710 with this feature. His wife and just about anyone else who knows the call sign to look up, can follow where we are.

My club is almost completely converted to VHF now and a club south of the 49th that we run with every now and again is just about finished converting over.

How many HAMs do we have out there?

My call is VA7WJR
Canadian Level is Basic+ (all amateur freq on VHF/UHF/HF)
Licensed since 2008
I run an ICOM 2200H mobile and have a Yaesu FT270 handheld.
The usual wheeling frequency up here is 146.460