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Thread: Tow rigs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootlover101 View Post
    Sweet setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by holliewood61 View Post
    Half ton for life. I use a wore out 97 f-150 with 184k on the clock and a 18ft 3.5 ton big tex. I use weight distribution bars and keep the trailer brakes adjusted up. No problems tuggin it around the mountains of wv.

    3/4 and one ton trucks are overkill anymore a new f-150 with the ecoboost 6 cyl can tow around 12k which is plenty to tote a jeep around. Doesn't need def, doesn't need fuel filters every other oil change, hell the oil change wont run you 100 bucks like a diesel. Gas is cheaper than diesel fuel, and a half ton is more comfortable to drive on a daily basis than a 3/4 or one ton.

    Im not sayin to buy a janky ol half ton like i have, i run what i can afford. Im just saying dont overlook a half ton if youre in the market for a tow pig.
    I can understand with the price of diesels and the price to run them, but if your going to pull a semi-heavy load safely you need the correct equipment. I also live in the hills of WV and I've lived on a 10% grade 5 mile mountain all my life. I have seen many people lose their life's on that mountain trying to trust your brakes. Safety is not about if the motor can pull it it's about the motor holding you back so you don't have trust your brakes. Most half ton trucks will just run on when you gear them down. I understand if you have a short way to go and just limp along, but if you going to do any substantial distance or load you really need to do it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bootlover101 View Post
    I like it - that's what I'm talking about. Could you provide some specs on the tow vehicle? Thanks

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