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    Motech swap questions with Gen IV 480hp LS3 crate engine

    Quote Originally Posted by BigPrince View Post
    I'm running 60 front, Sterling rear, and 41.5" Pitbulls. For the crawling we do, I would like to run the numbers on a 4 speed if the computer doesn't have a problem with it(?).

    Eddie has a different primary use case being in Nevada. You're from Auburn - ever go to Chocco? The guys I've seen do Boatramp have been ultra low geared going slow and I've seen bouncers throw big HP at it and not make it.

    Motech - thanks for the overview. Sounds like both of y'all agree 5.38s would be ok, if a little torquey, with 40-42s. I may just want to swap out or regear(if possible) the Atlas. Figured I would need to change the input, maybe just do that and see how much I like/hate it and go from there when the time for the conversion comes.

    Quote Originally Posted by highoctane View Post
    I live at nearly 6k feet in northern AZ, and frequently drive long, steep mountain grades on I17 in AZ, so I'll for sure be staying with the 5.38 gears in my Dynatrac axles. By swapping in the 241J with the 2.72:1 low range I'll be just fine offroad. If I ever break the xfer case or adapter I'll go to an Atlas II.

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    Based on what motech is saying I may switch to the 3.0 Atlas or just stick with my 2.72. Hard to know exactly what is the best route to take.

    Never been to Choco but been to windrock several times.

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    You guys make me jealous. Good luck with the swap. If I could only win the lottery. Gotta buy a house instead.

    Liston, you sending your jeep to ORE or doing it at home for the axle swap?

    Do the speed bumps at the mall count as crawlin?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPrince View Post
    With the proposed engine/trans in this thread (430/495 6l80), what gearing does Motech recommend for Atlas TC and axles? I have 5.38 in my axles and a 4.3 Atlas II currently in my 2014 3.6l. Wondering if it would be worthwhile sending to AA to redo the current Atlas or buy new. Anyone run a 4speed? I also have a PSC pump/hydro assist already and appreciate the early info.
    You'll want to change the gearing in your Atlas to 3.8 or 3.0. If cradling is what you do most go 3.8. If driving fast off road do 3.0.

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    Gearing in the TC should be checked in relationship to the trans gearing , axle gears and tire size...I played for hours using Grimmjeeper gearing calculator before I decided on 5.38's and a 3.8 Atlas.

    Your result will will be whats best you.

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