Black Rubicon (Tucker) Build

Installed the WAL recommended JE Reel from driveshaft. Only got the 1310 being I don't wheel to hard and only have 35's. Pretty easy install.
New next to old.

Transfer case side. Have to remove the adapter plate from new shaft and install on t-case side.

Than pretty basic install. Found it convenient to jack up front axle to rotate driveshaft when needing access to bolts.
Buddy of mine gave me a hard top lift. So I bought a cheap electric hoist from Harbor Freight.

I don't completely trust the brake on the hoist (being it is so cheap) so I ran a second line (blue line) for backup.


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Nice Rubicon :thumb:

Side note: I met some of the Show Me Jeep club guy's at Tuttle creek this past summer. Nice group of people! And they had some bada$$ rigs!
Finally got around to replacing my Fog lights.

As I was installing them I noticed a crack in my sway bar. Anyone ever seen something like this before?

I had a busy weekend. Added a used set of 37's, new front bumper and tube fenders.


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Lookin good man! Those fenders are interesting, did you have to cut the stock fender sheet metal or supports?
Finally got my rear lower adjustable control arms purchased and installed. I need the lengthen them a little bit longer. Currently I rub a bit just in front of the rear tire when stuffed. Also, need to change the grease zerks to be 45's in lieu of the 90's the supplied. Can't get to them very well currently. I think the 45 degree zerks will help.
Installed some small led light bars I won at in a raffle at our local Jeep show.

Also installed my rear lower adjustable control arms and the replacement passenger side rear upper adjustable control arm

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