EVO 1/4 Pounder w/ Fox 2.5 DSC


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Hey All Just found this forum recently and have been trying to catch up lol. I have been looking at high clearance bumpers for my 23 JLU XR and keep seeing positive reviews and like the looks of the 1/4 pounder and Genright ultra clearance. I believe I have settled on the 1/4 pounder and have no problem with cutting the "fangs" and rotating the SB motor as I watched the install video and know this works with the EVO but was unable to verify with the GR. What I don't know is with how much you have to cut and how far back the bumper goes will there still be room to mount remote reservoirs for the Fox DSC? If anyone has done this please share or if you have ideas.

Pic of my jeep! Delivered on 2/25 and have been busy modding ever since and bumpers and skids are next on my list as I am waiting on the AAL inners to arrive.


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Welcome to Wayalife. My buddy did this with the EVO bumper using some strong magnets. Worked pretty good from what he said.

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Wow and thank you very much! I didn't even think of pulling them forward. I guess I could maybe even just drill and bolt to the side of the bumper. Also make the adjustments more accessible. Didn't want to get the bumper and still be trying to figure it out.


I totally swapped my build plans for this very reason. I plan to run the 1/4 pounder as I have on my past Gladiator and Wrangler and had already had the Fox 2.5’s. I decided to go with Kings instead because I don’t want the reservoir sticking out and the 1/4 pounder sits so far back that there is no other way to mount that reservoir other than on the side of the bumper.
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