Hey wayalife gang :)


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I am relatively new to Jeeps, have been building Mustangs for the past 20 years, but as a European kid I always inclined to this iconic toy. Last year we picked up 80th anniversary Wrangler for my wife and after some alternations she is rolling in a pretty sick ride. So In January I ordered my MOJOVE :), it arrived in May. Ever since I was playing with ideas, mostly aesthetic changes. Got a rid of the orange, 35' are on the way and just last night I started piecing together a small lift utilizing MOPAR 2" JT lift kit, shock extensions , adjustable trackbars , CA relocation brackets and the rest of the usual add-ons. Nothing wrong with the ride, but why not ? :)


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Thank You, glad to be here.
Also Hello from slightly icy Calgary, Alberta! :)
You're very welcome 🙂. Always liked Calgary, but have never been up there. Only see snow once in awhile here in the northwest desert of Arizona... But we do get icy from time to time in the winter.
You've got a couple very capable rigs there. Love the area you took the pics at 😁


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Welcome from Texas (and Arizona). I once encountered a same homeless person in two totally different parts of Toronto who claimed to have just arrived from Calgary. 🤣
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