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The 1978 Halloween still holds up today. It always gives me the creeps even though I know what's going to happen...haha.

The newest installment looks pretty good as well.


Yea…just run past the running car and hide behind the chain saws in the dark shed…
Haha. I bought a Michael Meyers life-size cardboard cutout for Halloween this year. I put it in my upstairs window and have have a strobe on it. It looks lifelike...haH


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I read Frank Herberts books when I was in highschool…can’t wait for the 2nd part to come out…
2023 is it stays on track, hope it does.

I had hoped the original 80's Dune would've had a sequel but I guess I was in the small group of the 50 nerds that thought it was an epic success lol
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