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Was it four legged damage?
I don't know what the other driver hit but I don't think that it had 4 legs. The boss told him to take it to Peterbilt and get a new one put on but he never did. So when I got in it I sent the boss a picture of it and he said that he knew about it and said go get a new one installed but I put it on myself to save him a little money

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Redoing my wife’s closet. It had one of those wire shelf setups in it since we moved in.

This is the easy side, the other side will be mostly drawers.


Of course the motor on my big table saw had to take a shit, wasted half a day messing with that. Ended up just using my smaller portable one which is kind of a pain to cut 4x8 sheets of 3/4” oak plywood with. Oh well. It’s better than a handsaw.


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Bathroom renovation under way.

The one piece shower had to come first, since it had to have the exterior wall opened up to fit.

There is a long ways to go.


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Planted a few varieties of tomatoes. I’m either very good at this, or very bad. There is no in between for my crops.


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The annual guys trip is coming up and I'm sick of riding the little 200cc Blaster so I up and bought a Honda trx 400 with a running xr650l engine swap in it. I had to order all new front end and the air box and suspension. This is probably going to be the fastest bike I'll ever own so I'm pretty stoked. I'm a huge fan of the burnt orange powder coat. 20200313_224848.jpg 20200313_224904.jpg 20200313_224912.jpg 20200313_224937.jpg 20200313_225003.jpg 20200313_225010.jpg

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Replaced a leaking claw foot tub, repaired the water damage and installed a new alcove shower/ bath. Just a few finishing touches left.


Built my son a bed for his room. It was lifted but he proved he isn’t responsible enough to have a lifted Jeep!


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