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Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t put it in a shoe box first then over pack it with another box. That’s how most of my crap shows up. Fills up my garbage can on one order. lol

^^^this... I ordered 4 pairs of socks, then repurposed the box to send 20 lbs. of sample potash to Canada.

Extreme overkill for socks.

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That water looks refreshing even if it is sideways. It’s hot as fawk down here this week and next.

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Both Lake Washington and Lake Union looked like the I5 during rush hour...while the Seattle area was only in the low to mid 80's, I hear the rest of the country is seriously hot...and I'm heading to Raleigh in the morning (should only be 97...can't wait)...


That dude from Mississippi
Finally got the St. Augustine grass looking decent.


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