Rear shocks extension help needed


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Hey Guys, I decided to put Skyjacker 2 inch lift kit on my Mojave. As you might know the kit doesn't come with the rear shock extension brackets. I am trying to find a solution and was wondering if I can get any feedback from the community.
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I think I used teraflex ones on my JL, they seemed decent but I only ran them for about 5K miles before switching out shocks. I bought them before I was aware teraflex has a poor reputation around here.

Is it just a spacer lift, or does it come with springs?


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Thanks for the reply, it is full coil spring lift. I am not sure if the JL rear shock mounts are the same as the once on JT. I might try to call AEV and see if they sell them separately


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I used the fab tech 2” on my Mojave, at the time there wasn’t many options, they are pretty stout. I can’t recall if the rear bolts are bigger on the Mojave too or just the front bolts.


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I am not sure if the JL rear shock mounts are the same as the once on JT.
JL and JT rear shock mounts look quite different. JL mounts and bolts look smaller and shocks mount behind the axle whereas JT shocks mount in front of the axle.




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Thank you for taking the time to snap the pictures. I ended up ordering Rough Country brackets. I am aware of the bad rep. that RC has, but I have had used 3 of their lift kits in the past with great success . The reason why I went with RC bracket is the extended /beefy back side. Ill post pictures once in hand.
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