The Rehabilitation of Whitey Bulger

Recently picked up an unmolested 2016 Jeep JK Rubicon. It’s a 2 door with an automatic and 373 gears. This will be a slow build, but truly want to do it right the first time. Initial plans are to upgrade to 37”s so I know the front diff will need to be replaced. Probably need axles, truss, and new gear in the back as well. Still haven’t decided on the appropriate lift kit yet. I’m open to all suggestions, so let them fly. Help Whitey reform from a mall crawling daily driver only to a rugged and dependable crawler capable of being enjoyed on the street and the trail.


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Was just popping in to see how you were going to rehabilitate a dead Mafia Don, but never mind......
Whitey Bulger???…he was tried for 19 murders as a mob hit man (those are only the ones they had evidence against him)…

why in the world would you name your jeep after him?

what are the names of your kids?…Lucky Luciano & Al Capone?
the Jeep is so white, it stands out. And not in a good way. Like it’s namesake before he was killed in prison, is in desperate need of rehabilitation.
First small package came in the mail yesterday. Very inexpensive mod for practical use only: tailgate table from Rough Country. Ya gotta start somewhere.
First mod is cheap and quick. Installed the tailgate table yesterday. Just ordered a set of JW Speaker headlights to replace the factory lights. Vivid Racing has them on sale currently. Still expensive but saves a almost 200


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Pretty certain my next purchase will be front and rear bumpers. Any suggestions for bumpers that I will not out grow as I move from stock to 37”s, a process that will likely take 24 months.
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