Thank you for the opportunity to win a winch but, more importantly, thank you for your regular contribution to this forum. There is a palpable difference between vendors who are here just to line their own pockets and those that are here to help the Wayalife community.
Winchless in Reno…well, not Reno anymore
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Disciple, thank you for your generous offer.

We currently do not have a winch. We carry recovery gear that’s served us well, but there have been situations where a winch was required.

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It doesn’t look like much of a mud puddle, but my Jeep couldn’t be recovered with a tug strap. It had to be winched out and the winching Jeep had to be strapped to a tree to keep it from sliding. Without a winch, this would have been a long, difficult recovery. I’ve decided I need a winch.

Not that my brothers have winches and I don’t

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has anything to do with it!
The bracket should be interesting.


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I need a winch because this girl is very heavy and as strong as I think I am.. I don’t have the strength to pull her myself. Not to mention it makes her more capable as a rig to pull other rigs out of problems.


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What a great company to support such a great website/Forum. Thank you for contributing!
A winch would be a great first major upgrade on my new to me JKU. I have had it for 2 weeks!


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Thanks for the Opportunity!!

I need a new winch, mine was a gift and it is a cheap Chinese heap that has never worked

mr. creosote

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As we celebrate two years as a vendor here on the forum, we wanted to give back as a THANK YOU to WAYALIFE for their support and allowing us to be here along with all of YOU who have trusted us with your Jeep parts and continued support over these last two years.

With that, we will be giving away One(1) WARN VR EVO 10-S winch along with Two(2) EVO tire pressure quick air down tools!

• You need to be a registered member of the WAYALIFE forum.
• You need to post (1) ONE response in this official registration thread.
• You need to include a photo of your Jeep Gladiator, Wrangler JL, Wrangler JK or Wrangler TJ showing us why you need a winch.
• You MUST be 18 years or older to win.

The WINNER will be selected on 12/1/23 at random and posted here on this forum:


Note: After the winner has been selected for the winch and the prize has been claimed, TWO runner up winners will then be selected at random for the EVO Tire Pressure Quick Air Down tool.

Good luck to everyone!

For more information regarding the Warn VR EVO 10-S winch and EVO Air Down Tool, please visit visit these links:

Warn VR EVO 10-S

EVO MFG Tire Pressure Quick Air Down Digital Gauge with Case

DISCLAIMER: There is NO cost and NO minimum post count required in order to enter this giveaway. Multiple posts in this official registration thread will disqualify you from the drawing. Entering this giveaway under multiple user accounts will result in the termination of ALL your accounts. Entries that do not follow the rules will be disqualified from winning. If the winner is located outside of the lower 48 United States, they will be required to pay for ALL shipping costs, duties and/or tariffs. Disciple Off Road and Wayalife reserve the unconditional right to make changes to any and all Rules and/or Guidelines and if necessary, to determine the winner or cancel this giveaway at any time and without prior notice.
My Jeep needs a winch to be better prepared for playing in the mud.


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We bought our 2012 JKUR new and after 11 years it's still stock. Sigh! A Warn winch is just what I need to get started, open up the saddlebags and finally get moving on the build. Thx for the chance Disciple. 🤞


Just get a big lift and 40-42" tires.... no problem
Funny, I just left Valley OffRoad discussing this exact situation. Except 40’s. Pretty sure 37’s are as big as I’m going.
But I’m considering Metal Cloak 3 1/2 lift, regearing, and maybe a front locker.
Only have 7,000 or so miles on my 35’s so tires will have to wait. Lift is probably a definite in the near future.👍
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