What was done to your rig this week?

Pics or it didn’t happen.
Okay "Kid", here you go. Still moving slow, removed calipers and hung them up, drilled the holes for the rear bump stops and installed. Drilled the holes for the track bar relocation bracket and installed.
Set the axle back up on jack stands and called it a day.

I may be in trouble, I'll find out when I get there. With no jack stands I let the floor jack all the way down and the diff is still in the jack. Hope I have enough room to get the springs in or things could go hillbilly quick.

JT Rear.jpg
Why does the brake rotor have surface rust in just one spot?
That's not rust. It's light reflecting off the cushion I was using for a kneeling pad. The disc looks rough because I used a sanding pad to break the glaze on the rotor. It was running too hot while the ESC was trying to compensate for the bad ball joints. Later, when the budget allows, I'll replace the disc & calipers with upgrades.
Rear control arms, spring perches, springs (yes I had enough room and no hillbilly shenanigans), shocks, and track bar are all installed.

Still have the sway bar end links to put on and then start a tightening party.

Yes @DirtHeadDavis I'll take a picture for you.
Rear is done except for getting the wheels back on.
So tomorrow I'll get the wheels back on and torqued and then go back to the front and torque everything down there.

I was real impressed with my Milwaukee 1/2" drive impact. It's got enough ugga duggas that all the control arms were torqued when I put the torque wrench on them.

JT Rear 2.jpgJT Rear 3.jpgJT Rear 4.jpg

The lift is a Rock Krawler 3" Adventure something or other, it was free so I can't bitch. Rancho 9000 series shocks. Synergy bump stop extensions front and rear.

Thanks to Eddie for the vidz that make this easier. Thanks to Jeremy for answering questions when they popped up.

And no, I haven't had it out mudding, that's the wonderful drives and parking lots I have to use for job sites.
Rear end is buttoned up, except for jam nuts, and sitting on the ground.
Front end is buttoned up, except for jam nuts and axle track bar bolt and steering stabilizer.
Parts and tools to finish should be here by Sunday. Should have used dial calipers to measure jam nuts instead of taking their word on sizes.

With 35's it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would, but still looks like skipped leg days for a long time.

JT Rear 5.jpg
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