Where did your Jeep take You this Week?


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Took my sister up on Grand Mesa and enjoyed the views.


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Today was a great day!!! Took my 11 yr old son to see the new Star Wars Rise of Skywalker movie, then road trails for a while with him. Went out to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge on the north side of the Tennessee River and had a great time.

He knows that I hate mud, so every time we came up on a muddy cut thru, he says No, No, No, it’s too muddy! Haha!!! We’ve had about 3” of rain in the past few days so he’s not kidding about the conditions!!!!

Got to test out the ride and flex on the new 4” Evo plush ride coils and Rancho RS9000XL shocks. Setting #1 seems to just soak up the bumps...so nice!

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Potosi Towers

Went to Vegas for the Country Christmas show and took a drive out to the Pioneer Saloon then up to the FAA towers on Potosi Mountain. The road is mostly barely paved but a steep climb with great views of the area including the strip.

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Looking through this and other threads, it's always striking how much snow there really is in California. I would imagine the impression of the majority of us east coasters of Ca, like mine, is deserts, palm trees, and redwoods but you probably get more snow than we do back east. :crazyeyes:


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Hungry Valley SRVA

Took the Family to Hungry Vally SRVA. Great escape from the hundreds of people who stopped on Frazier Park. Good thing they didnt know they could get in just a few miles down the road. Normally the park is filled with quads and razors but today there were more jeeps than I have ever seen there in the past.


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Nice!!! I was just looking up places online around bishop last night.... is that Coyote Flats Area?
This was actually Lone Pine. Our camp was at the base of Lone Pine Peak. I stayed here thinking it was a good medium since I had my 8yr old with me but it still got into the 20s at night..lol.

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