XJ overheats, orange gunk in cooling


Just bought a clean 99 with only 102kmi on the clock. Shop has replaced the radiator, cap, and thermostat. Supposedly, it's always looked like this. It will idle forever, electric fan kicks on, a bit later, the needle will suddenly peg and blow coolant from the radiator cap.

Any thoughts would really help. Thank you!

20240126_133112.jpg 20240126_133103.jpg


Meme King
Use a laser to check the coolant temp. See if it's actually overheating or if it's excessive pressure getting into the cooling system. Only gets hot at idle or when driving too?


Definitely looks like some bad coolant mix, I don't see any of the metallic glitter from a stop leak or something, but maybe the phone is filtering that out. How's the fan clutch and water pump? I'd do a coolant flush and make sure the fan clutch and water pump are good too. I know you said the t stat is new, but make sure it's a good one. On my 96 XJ, replacing the stock fan clutch with a new one from NAPA is what finally stopped it from overheating.
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