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Hi Eddie-I had a long story about growing up in Nevada and I'm headed back out that way, then ran out of characters. :) Looking for recommendations for off grid camping during the summer, hopefully ghost towns/mining camps. Thanks!
I should have mentioned that something like your short northern Nevada video would be perfect.
Hey thanks for hitting me back. Pissah means great, cool, sweet, etc. Lol northeast/ boston slang. Example That 2 door JK on bead locks and 37s looks pissah! Lol
I'm just getting back to working on my 2012 JKUR. I was severely injured in a motorcycle/car accident, last year. Guess which one I was riding? And, NO, it was not the car. My recovery has been a little slow, what with learning how to walk with a prosthetic leg, and all. I have had to learn to do many things differently.
I'm not asking for help with anything.
Stay Safe and GET MUDDY!
I'm interested in making new bushings for you. I don't have the measurements I used last time I made some. If you could give me the dimensions or better would be to ship me a housing and one of the gears so I can make sure they fit. Sorry if this is a repeat message.
Hello, I've been doing research for a v8 swap. I saw in a thread that you were looking into it several years ago and wanted to keep a manual transmission. I'm in that same situation. Did you do the swap? Interested in what you sender up with if you did.

Thank you,
I have enjoyed your Youtube channel for years. It was very helpful when needed.
Haha yessss!!!! I saw it the day after this message and ordered the kit!!! Should be here in the next couple days!! Thanks for your help brother and great video and installation. The ways life JT looks sick!!!!!
Hey Eddie, looking at the CB bar. Great design!! Was wondering if you had any ideas for installing a switch plate on it as my gladiator did not come with the aux switch option. Any ideas? Thanks!!
Hi Burley, what I can tell you is that most shops will try to sell you what they have in stock and/or what they can make the most profit on. I NEVER ask a shop or retailer for recommendations because of this.

Regarding the 2 different EVO long arm kits you're inquiring about, the high clearance kit will have rear mounts that sit along side the frame rail, this as opposed to sitting below the frame rail. The later will give you better suspension geometry correction but they'll also get hung up on obstacles. Of the two, I would go with the high clearance.

With all that said, a double throw down system may be a lot more than you are needing or at least, based on what you've been saying. Yes, coilovers do make noise and for some, it's more annoying than they're willing to deal with. For the performance they provide, I don't even give it a second thought. I should note that they do need to be maintained as well so that's something you'll need to consider.
I just jumped into the Jeep world this weekend and bought my first Jeep.
Plan is Dynatrac Hardcore pro 60s kit. 4” lift with 38x13.50. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 lifts. Evo double throw down with a long arm and the long arm with high clearance. I’m of the understanding that you had both. What is the difference between the 2? Why choose one vs the other? I’ve reached out to Evo and still I’m not getting much of an answer.

A shop in St George try and tell me Teraflex pre runner kit. I haven’t heard great reviews from people on forums. Northridge4x4 said double throw down isn’t worth the money & go Teraflex.

Plans with the Jeep is primarily Overlanding but I want a Jeep build that can handle the Rubicon and maybe Moab. I’m not looking to beat up my Jeep so I won’t go super technical but I want it capable. Your opinion would be awesome though. Also, I’ve heard coil overs make noise. Is it that big of deal? Is it a non issue? Are they worth the upgrade?
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