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    Dealing with Covid

    So sorry - hope she turns the corner soon.
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    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    A pork chop in every bottle (y)
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    Cozdude's build of Knuckles

    Glad you were able to sell it but sorry to see it go. Hopefully that gawd-awful Lindros jersey went with it ;)
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    Moab Accommodations

    Might be tough to come by lodging this late. Have you looked at VRBO or the like? Did that the last time we went & it worked out great.
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    I6 Tornado the Replacement for HEMI??

    I-6's are torque motors and always seem to last forever. Had a 300 in my old Ford pickup a long time ago and it was great. I welcome it. Not crazy about the turbo part but that's the times we live in.
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    Favorite Quotes...From Ben Franklin Or Whomever...

    "You wonder how 535 of the dumbest people on planet Earth all wound up in Congress and the Senate at the same time. Dan Bongino @dbongino slams Congress for using masks made in China. Biggest takeaway is that he included BOTH sides of the aisle
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    After that, watch this
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    Diesel filler neck adapter

    Is that for the DEF fill or diesel? One came in my truck & i assumed it was for the DEF. I gotta go look now
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    New doors and hinges

    Same is happening to my 19. Paint bubbling around all of the hinges. I'm waiting til Spring to get it re-done.
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    Name That Tool

    Flaring tool.
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    Tow rigs

    Nothing to be embarrassed about - nice rig and it has history to boot. Double win!
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    Pets are people too.

    She's awesome!
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    Spare Tire Mount

    I run one of these Rusty carriers on my JL. IMHO, it's one of the nicest of these styles out there. It's been on for a year and a half carrying a 37" tire with no rattles. It has an adjustable bump on it so it doesn't jiggle and stays snug...
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    NEW EVO MFG JLU/Gladiator Rock Sliders Now Available

    If you're really gonna use your Jeep in some serious crawling, then even $2300 isn't too bad for the kind of protection they offer. My original surprise was based on the cost of the pair I bought 6 years ago for my JK. $1400 isn't a lot when faced with a bashed in rocker along with smashed in...
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    NEW EVO MFG JLU/Gladiator Rock Sliders Now Available

    These are $2300!? Man, I know DOM has gone up but wow... edit - I just followed the link to Disciple's site and just the plain weld on sliders are $1400. optioned out is more
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