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  • Very cool :thumb:. I like it, I might have to copy that idea. My bumper is ok but the tire shakes and bumps around. I am not really happy with it for the money I spent. I think some thing clean and simple, like what you are running would be great. Thanks again Eddie.
    Hey rizzicon, we have no bumper and the frame rails have just been capped with EVO plates. On Rubicat, our other JK, we have EVO d-ring mounts installed there instead.
    Hi Eddy, I have some questions about your back bumpers, or lack there of. Have you done a write up on them? If so I will check it out. If not can you tell me what and how you did them. I noticed the EVO stamped plates and tow points. But I am wondering is it just the rear end frame? Is it an EVO kit? Can anybody do this? Do you have pictures of your bumpers? I would like to see more. When I watch your movies I see people bottoming out or hitting there bumpers. I just think its a great idea. Keeping the bumper close to the body.
    Yes, you will get the full 12" of travel. Regarding long arms, if you can afford it, they will correct your suspension geometry when running a 3.5"-up lift and that will help improve your on pavement ride.
    i'm sorry, a couple last noob questions about the Evo Mfg bolt on coil over system. with the factory length adjustable control arms, can i still get the 12" of travel out of the system? And i know you said forgoe the long arm kit but i see you have the evo high clearance kit on the Rubicat. Just wanted to know the added benefit of that
    They were actually Spyderlock Wheels and ATX was nice enough to get me 20" rings. ATX makes the Spyderlock wheels for them.
    Alright sounds like a plan. Thanks for the insight. It's a big help. Btw how did you manage to get your hands on 20" slabs. Can't find them anywhere
    The only long arm kit that doesn't require welding is the EVO Double D and Full-Traction kit. TeraFlex's long arm kit DEFINITELY requires welding. I should note that if it were up to me, I would forgoe a long arm kit in favor of bolt on coil overs and just run the required factory length adjustable control arms to make it work.
    thanks for the quick response. i'm looking to build my rig so i can be considered for the jk experience in the future. It's just my end goal to come out with you guys. I just wasn't sure if there was a lift good enough to hang wih the monster coil over setups you guys were running. I'm between a solid lift or the front/rear coil over kit and long arm upgrade you have installed on the Rubicat.

    The lift would just save me installation costs because there's no welding involved with the long arm kit, and it's a little cheaper OR i'd do the Rubicat setup if it is that much better in the long run.
    jrg5386, yes, it is. However, after running all the lifts I have over the years, I would recommend an EVO MFG Enforcer kit over it. The TF kit was too tall for my taste and the coils too stiff.
    hey eddie, is the 4" teraflex flex arm kit for a 07-13 unlimited rubicon that you did the write up on, a good enough quality kit to handle the trails you guys tackle on the jk experiences such as moab, the rubicon, or the trails in colorado (excluding carnage canyon)? I understand that i'd need other supporting mods, but just curious about the kit.
    Eddie -- long time lurker, first time poster. Love your stuff man. Many of us on Facebook have mentioned you should also link up an instagram account. Pretty big jeep community on there, you're photos would blow them all away (I'm sure everyone there already follows you on FB). Keep up the AWESOME content.
    Not sure what it is by, but i spent 6 days out there visiting a friend and almost made the chocie to move out there but didnt becuase right now at this point with my kids being 4 and 6 but at the time 3 and 5 i couldnt move the 10 or more hours away from them, was thinking about getting a fresh start out there but wasnt ready to give up the kids ;)
    Good afternoon Eddie. I was wondering if you make your own stickers or do you have someone making them for you. I was going to order some silver state JK, and noticed a 2 week delay, and unable to add to a cart. I have a friend that can make your design and keep up with your demand if you are interested. I'm very thankful for all the info that you have provided on this and jk wrangler fourms. Thank you. Ricky.
    Hey Eddie, when we going to have the pleasure to see the videos from last years EJS?
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