BEDEVILED : An Epic Off-Road Adventure Through Devil's Canyon [Offical Trailer]


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Down by the Mexican border, there lies a historic stage route that once connected the towns of San Diego, California and Yuma, Arizona. Replaced by the modern Interstate 8, it has since all but become lost to time and nature. Today, Devil's Canyon continues to stand as a rugged off-road Jeep trail that can ONLY be run legally on 7 Saturdays a year and ONLY with a permit that's near impossible to get. This is the story of 15 regular guys and gals who worked hard to obtain a permit and ultimately took on this formidable trail in 8 of their Jeep JK Wranglers.

This is the official trailer for BEDEVILED and we hope it'll inspire you to watch the full length film that is scheduled to be released this August.

WAYALIFE EPIC TREX ADVENTURES are off-road films created by Cindy and I. We have been responsible for producing the JK-Experience (also known as the JKX) video series "KEEP IT TIGHT" which was made in 2011, the 2012 series "HEARTLAND", the 2013 series "WILD WILD WEST" and the 2014 "PACIFIC NORTHWEST". Our films are produced and paid for entirely by us and we receive absolutely NO funding from manufacturers or vendors to help subsidize our work.
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