Beware!! - EVO Protek Skid Plates


Meh, then get new powdercoat and if it breaks again they wouldn’t touch it. Why the rush? It’s been on for four plus years and not a scratch.
Powdercoat? No Scratches?… This is funny because your old 2 door looked like it had survived WWII. If the broke skid was on that Jeep, you probably would have welded that shit up, and rattle canned it. 😂


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This is should be an eye opening thread for Evo. I hope they get it right, especially with how much they are charging for some of these products. You shouldn’t be dealing with this, for this long.


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Been another two weeks since I have heard from them. I reached out to ask if it had shipped yet or if there is tracking. They simply responded with a tracking number and nothing else. Label was created on the 27th and that is where it has sat, so it still has not shipped.
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